The small lake in SkellerupResenbro Put and Take has two additional lakes at Skellerup, a few kilometers from the lake at Resenbro. They are located in beautiful nature somewhat remote without a lot of people, which is ideal if you appreciate fishing in peaceful surroundings.

It is also possible to rent and book one or both lakes for a company arrangement or a school or association fishing trip. The lakes may be rented for the whole day, half a day or just a few hours.

The large lake i SkellerupFacilities:

  • Tent with tables and benches
  • Barbeque for free use
  • Restroom that is cleaned frequently
  • Cleaning table with running water

In addition to the two big lakes there is also a children’s lake for children below the age of 12 with smaller fish that are easy to catch.


The lakes at Skellerup are found by driving from Resenbro towards Linå and turn left onto a gravel road just after Skellerup.

Skellerupvej 73
8600 Silkeborg