Overiew of the Lake at ResenbroThe lake at Resenbro gets a constant flow of fresh cold water from a nearby spring. This ensures that the fish are in good shape and easy to catch, even during a heat wave.


Children's lake at Resenbro


Next to the main lake there is a children’s lake for children aged less than 12 with smaller fish that are easy to catch.

In the winter time the lake is kept partly free of ice with a pump. In extremely cold winters it may be necessary to bring an axe though.

The lake on a winterday

  • Shelters
  • Tables, benches and garbage bins
  • Barbeque for free use
  • Restroom that is cleaned daily
  • Vending machine with candy, bait, e.g. Power Bait, cool beers and soft drinks.
  • Cleaning table with running water


The lake at Resenbro is easy to find. It is situated west of Silkeborg along the road to Gjern. There even is a bicycle path.

Møllegårdsvej 56
8600 Silkeborg